About Us



Bartendering is an art that we as bartenders have perfected over years of training and drinking. We'll ensure the tasty concoctions your guests will love! Even when bartenders are not throwing and flairing bottles through the air, entertainment and interacting with the guests are also in our blood that will make your event special and unforgetable. Not to say more upscale.


When it comes to making a good cocktail, its not about reading off a recipe because to get a perfect drink its not easy to get the measurements just right. And do you know the differences between shake versus stir and how much ice to put into the shaker? There are just too many reasons not to do it yourself.


Remember in the first place why did you organise a home party. You want the time to relax and enjoy with your guests and not busy mixing up drinks that might not be to your guests likings. So leave the mixing to us and enjoy the evening and making fond memories with your guests.


Here at The Bar Crew-for-hire, we provide professional bartenders' services at the privacy and comfort of your home or office.

What we do best!